Emery Lois
Born: 12/18/2012
Proud Parents: Brendan and Kacy
Emery Lois
Emery Lois Emery Lois Emery Lois
4 Weeks Old - Time flies!

Ingrid Ann Lueth
Ingrid Ann Lueth
11 pounds, 2 oz.
Born: 10/05/2012
Proud Parents: Sara and Dan
Rowen Faith Coalwell Rowen Faith Coalwell
7 pounds 13 oz
21 inches long
Born 9/14/2012 at 10:13 am
Proud parents: Lauri and Garon

Jacob [IMAGE]

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7 pounds
Born January 7, 2012 around 7:00 pm
Proud Parents: Bethany and Joel
Everyone is healthy and happy
Noah Lucas Coalwell
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6 pounds, 9 ounces [IMAGE][IMAGE]

20 inches long

Born November 30, 2011

Proud Parents: Luke and Jillian

Sisterhood week - January 8 to 14, 2012, Ventura Ca
Stay turned for pix and stories

Meet Liesl Grace

Born  3/30/2011 at 2:56 am
Sara and Dann -- the proud parents
  Liesl Grace

Christmas at Pismo Beach

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Della's trip back to
North Dakota and
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Matt C has been promoted to Assistant Principal at the Monticello Middle School

Brendan C became a Fire Captain of a new unit....Congrats!

Ariana C   just got her first tooth Nov 22, 2010.  She is still drooling....another tooth on the bottom and two on the top coming soon!

Jim Dawson - Our runner man set a new personal best in Omaha on 9/26/10.  3 hours and 31 minutes ......WOW!!!   Plus, Jim received two awards:

  • Best in 60-65 age group Search Engines 65 | coaching | life
  • State GrandMaster from a Runner's Association for Best Male over 55 in Omaha marathon.

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Steve visiting Minnesota May 2010


Our newest family members!!!
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Levi Stanley Coalwell
Born 4.24.10
Proud parents Brendan and Kacy
Ariana Coalwell
Born 4.25.10
Proud parents Luke and Jillian
Avalon Elizabeth Davis
Born 5.1.10
Proud parents Alexis and Tom
Levi Stanley coalwell     [IMAGE]   Avalon Elizabeth Davis

Della C visits Minnesota in April 2010 -- photos of her trip .

Hazel's Birthday - Anita Olson and Hazel
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Red River Flood News - Click here

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Debbie,Brandy, Braylin & Danielle

We've got another Vikings fan...

This is Braylin cheering for her favorite football team.  Go Vikes! 

Daughter of Brandy, who is the daughter or Debbie, who is the daughter of Jerry and Bea....whew...got that?

This just in.....

Jim and Lois ventured across the 'pond' to Greece a few months ago. 

Enjoy the pixs!

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Five Brothers -- MN Weekend

The five Coalwell brothers (Jerry, Loren, Lyle, Jim and Steve) are doing their brothers weekend get-together at the Minnesota Hot Rod Association weekend (June 20-21) at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds.  Over 1,000s of souped-up vehicles just waiting to be oogle and aahed over....great picture opportunities.....make sure you have plenty of SD cards and batteries for your digital cameras.
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Welcome to our newest family members

Kaleb Michael on 3/29.09      Proud parents are Bethany and Joel
Kira Madison on 1/23/09       Proud parents are Tiffany and Bill
Alice Inez on 2/3/09                Proud parents are Rodney and Katherine

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